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Whenever you need instant help with your Toshiba product we have the right service at your disposal. Your battery needs to be replaced or you have lost your data? – No need to worry! With our portfolio of services on demand we help you out any time – even if your warranty has already expired or the damage of your product is not covered under your current warranty terms.

Why purchase a Toshiba On Demand Service?

  • If you forgot to purchase a Toshiba Service upfront, you're still able to get professional & reliable services anytime you need them.
  • We guarantee fair prices for both in- and out-of-warranty products.
  • The On Demand Service gives you the convenience to only pay when you need the service.

On Demand

Duration: One time use only

Service Description: If you have lost your data unexpectedly due to drop, power surge, virus, user error or other unforeseen events, we will do anything to recover your valuable data.


  • •  Recovery of your lost data
  • •  Delivery of the recovered data on a new hard drive
  • •  Money-back, if recovery is not possible
  • •  For in- and out-of-warranty products

Purchase Period: Service can be purchased anytime, even if your warranty has already expired

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